11 cool high-tech & lifestyle features you’ll find at Singapore’s upcoming Funan mall

Yesterday, CapitaLand Mall Trust announced that the new Funan mall has successfully obtained its Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP), and is well on track for its opening in Q2 2019.

Image: CapitaLand

The mall will be teeming with smart features that shoppers can easily access through the CapitaStar members’ app.

Here are some cool tech (and lifestyle) amenities you can look forward to.

1. Smart carpark

Driving to the mall only to find the carpark packed to the brim is one of the most aggravating first-world problems to exist – only next to forgetting where you’ve parked your car – but it’s a problem nevertheless.

At the new Funan mall, you can easily reserve a parking space on the app prior to your arrival to ease all your worries.

Image: CapitaLand

On top of that, you’ll be able to both find your car and pay for parking fees through the mobile app.

2. Carpark wayfinding

There’s no shame in losing your car in a multi-storey sea of vehicles; we’ve all been there, done that.

But therein certainly lies a mountain of frustration, especially when you’ve got a group of impatient peers who are just as clueless as you are.

Image: CapitaLand

This is where the CapitaStar members app comes in handy again: all you have to do is refer to it, and voila! Problems, begone. Four-wheel drive, be-found.

3. Rooftop urban farm

Operated by Edible Garden City, the scenic rooftop urban farm, spanning an expansive 4,000 sq ft, is a feature that nature enthusiasts will appreciate.

Image: CapitaLand

There are plans for community workshops here, too!

4. Indoor cycling track

As Singapore’s first shopping centre to incorporate cycling lanes, Funan will be bringing cycling amenities to life, including cafes and shower facilities for cyclists to enjoy after their workout.

Cyclists can access these lanes through the ground floor of the building. Perhaps one day, I’ll be able to ride my bike in Pokemon games through buildings, too.

Image: CapitaLand

On top of that, English premium folding bike brand Brompton Bicycle will be opening their first Singapore flagship store here – cyclists can test out these bikes along the cycling lane, before deciding on their purchase!

5. Hands-free shopping

To provide shoppers with a hands-free shopping experience, the mall has even deployed automated guided vehicles (AGV) as well as a robotic arm for its 24-hour drive-thru click-and-collect service.

Image: CapitaLand

How it works: Simply put in a request at Funan’s automated concierge service; an AGV will pick up your purchases from the store and deposit them at a click-and-collect box at Basement 2.

*Cue Queen song: Is this real life or is this sci-fi movie?*

6. Co-working spaces

Designed by millennials for millennials, it’s no wonder lyf Funan Singapore boasts such a futuristic yet cosy interiors.

With several studio and business suite units to offer, the co-living property will also consist of social zones and flexible co-working spaces, where residents can connect.

These spaces can even be utilised to host activities such as innovation talks, music jamming sessions, and workshops.

Image: CapitaLand

Meanwhile, the gaming area features arcade machines and a gif booth.

At the social kitchen, guests can prepare home-cooked meals while mingling with other residents, sharing personal recipes and the like.

7. Craft workshops

The new Funan mall will have an extensive line-up of craft workshops where shoppers can learn new skills and discover hobbies.

Image: CapitaLand

Terrarium making, modern calligraphy, and sewing are just a few of the endless possibilities.

8. Open Studios

The futuristic mall will also have an experiential section where shoppers can gain access to the open studios.

Image: CapitaLand

All you’ll have to do is book the studios beforehand, as per usual, via the CapitaStar members’ app.

9. Design Ateliers

If you have a soft spot for local boutiques, you can look forward to tenants like Carrie K. and Love Bonito.

Image: CapitaLand

10. Live performance theatre

Funan mall will have what every film hobbyist demands: Golden Village.

But if you take a stronger liking to live entertainment, fret not as you’re in luck, too.

Image: CapitaLand

You’ll be able to catch some unmissable theatrical performances here, by Wild Rice.

11. Farm-to-table dining

Last but not least, if you’re one to experiment with new foods and dining experiences, this one’s for you.

Image: CapitaLand

Spa Espirit Group on level 7 will offer an enticing menu coupled with a farm-to-table dining experience that’s hard to come by in our garden city.

This article was first published on Home & Decor Singapore.