Cat-friendly meatballs that humans can eat, too!

Not long ago, Mateo turned 6 months old, so I thought to myself, what better way to spoil him than with a tasty treat?

I scoured the interwebs for some gourmet cat food recipe ideas, and did some research on home cooking for cats, before concluding that meatballs were the most nutritional and convenient option.

The Inspiration.

Taking closely after the traditional Swedish meatball, I used a combination of minced beef and pork. Of course, if your cat prefers other sources of protein, or if you simply have other alternatives at home, feel free to use those instead.

That's the beauty of this recipe – it's relatively flexible, and almost any kind of meat or veg you have at home will work.

It yields 40 meatballs, which is enough to last for a good few days. But best of all, these meatballs are tasty enough to be consumed by humans, too. All you have to do is add salt and pepper to taste when cooking them for yourself.

Cat-Friendly Meatballs, repurposed into Swedish Meatball Pasta for humans.

The Ingredients.

Meat. Veg. Binding Agents.

Meat: Using a combination of two different types of meat is a clever way to effortlessly get your cat acquainted with a variety of tastes. You don’t necessarily have to go for beef or pork – your cat will be content with chicken, turkey, or lamb, as well.

Vegetables: Greens are not essential to the feline diet, so the add-ons are optional, but if you have any on hand, they can be an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Just remember to (very) finely chop them!

I used cucumber for Mateo’s meatballs not only because it was what I already had in my fridge, but also because they contain a substantial amount of vitamins and nutrients, and are high in water content.

Binding Agents: To keep the meatballs together, a mixture of fresh breadcrumbs, a large egg, as well as small amounts of parsley and dill, will suffice. Note that because the recipe includes egg, it is crucial to cook the meatballs to at least a medium doneness.

The Recipe.

Disclaimer: Though I did do an adequate amount of researching, I am no food and nutrition expert, especially when it comes to cats. Note that your cat should not be placed on a perpetual home-cooked diet without a consult with your vet first.