Chimney cones from Hungary make its way to Singapore

Chimney Singapore is a new up-and-coming business selling the latest foodie fad— a Hungarian carnival snack called chimney cones.

The founding couple Ken Tham, 29, and Yvonne Tan, 25, opened their establishment at SCAPE after discovering their love for the pastry during an enriching overseas trip.

three chimney cones served on a platter

It all began when Ken was on a foreign exchange programme in Budapest five years ago.

He quickly fell in love with the Hungarian staple snack and was eager to bring it home to Singapore, but neither of them had the means to start a business.

We did not have sufficient capital and knowledge after graduating, so we were stuck working in separate industries.

Nevertheless, the duo had their heart set on their chimney cone dream: they saved up for years before eventually returning to Budapest to source for suppliers, ingredients and equipment.

Ken attributes part of their success to the generous locals whom they met and learned from.

“They were proud to have their traditional pastry travel to Singapore and very willing to teach us their ways.”

Traditionally named Kürtöskalács, chimney cones were once a festive treat to Hungarians and is now part of everyday consumption.

How chimney cones are made

They are baked above an open flame, using yeast dough dusted with sugar.

Its signature cone shape is achieved by wrapping the dough around a wooden cylinder that sits on a rotating spit.

chimney cones baking on a rotating spit

The result is a whimsical-looking pastry with a light and crunchy caramelised crust and an airy open centre.

You can have it for breakfast, lunch, or even dessert.

“Chimney cakes are fun to eat. When you break it from the edge, it opens up like a spiral,” Ken says.


The establishment currently offers sweet and savoury flavours: think anything from oreo and salted caramel to bacon & egg.

As chimney cones have been growing popular in Singapore, Ken plans to incorporate more savoury and local flavours into the menu, like the cult favourite salted egg.

In addition, customers can choose to have cinnamon sugar chimney cones topped with a homemade soft serve – the perfect option to beat the tropic heat.

chimney cone with soft serve

Store them at room temperature for up to two days and heat them up before consumption.

Visit Chimney Singapore at #02-02 2 Orchard Link, S237978. To find out more, call +65 9478 3164 or visit

This article was first published in FeatURED.