Platinum Mall: A shopping must-visit that will impress even the foodies

Platinum Mall is known for offering a plethora of apparel at wholesale prices, but there’s something for the foodies, too. Here’s what you can expect at Platinum Mall for a day filled with shopping and food.

platinum mall night exterior shot
Pictured: Traffic near Platinum Mall at night | Image by Sua Truong via Unsplash

To navigate Platinum Mall, the first thing you’d need to know is that it’s divided into three zones: Zone 1 & Zone 2 are in the main building, while Zone 3 is separate.

You can get there by crossing a bridge on level 2 or a zebra crossing on level 1.

The same rules when haggling with shop owners apply in the mall.

If the shop doesn't state their prices, their items are likely expensive.

The main building houses an incredible food court on its top floor, where you’ll find the typical Thai fare.

The oyster omelette (75 baht) had everything you could possibly ask for in an oyster omelette: gooeyness, crispiness, and fresh oysters.

Pictured: Coconut ice cream (2 scoops for 63 baht) at Platinum Mall

The ice cream was the most impressive of them all. Its luxuriously thick and creamy consistency aside, the scoops are easily double the size of regular ice cream scoops!

It’s certainly the perfect refresher to get shoppers back on their feet.

By afternoon, food trucks outside the mall will be waiting to draw in worn-out shoppers.

There’s an array of snacks to pick from, but the cheese balls seemed the most enticing.

Pictured: Cheese balls (4 for 60 baht) from food truck

Buttery, flavourful, and everything in between, the cheese balls were deceivingly filling. You can take your pick from a wide selection of flavours, but the Butter & Milk best complements that cheesy goodness.

Getting to Platinum Mall

Address: 222 (Pratunum) Petchaburi Road, Ratchathevee, Bangkok

Directions: From Siam BTS station, take the bridge to Central World (opens at 10am). Cut through Central World and exit from level 1 Isetan. Walk to the left, where the Central World compound exit is. Turn left and walk for a couple more minutes on a walkway at the main road. Or you could just take a cab.