Skincare Favourites

The trick to flawless skin is a flawless skincare routine. Today I’ll be sharing some of my favourite products that help keep my skin free of acne, grease and flaking!

1. Skin Peeling Gel

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with using skin peeling gel. I feel like this is the key to achieving smooth and supple skin, especially if you have flaky skin. Previously, I constantly tried to solve my dry skin issues using moisturiser alone, but to no avail. Initially, the crocodile skin would disappear, but after a few hours, my skin would start flaking again. If you have dry (or even oily skin) and want to avoid this issue, I highly recommend purchasing a good skin peeling gel.

You can also find skin peeling gel at Sephora here.

2. Oil-Control Foam Wash

I swear by this facial wash – my skin has always been problematic whenever it comes to acne, but ever since I started using this, the issue has improved drastically! Although this facial wash can’t be found in the usual drugstores, you can purchase them from clinics and hospitals like National University Hospital (NUH) or your local polyclinic.

This facial wash helps specifically with oil control, which is perfect for those with oily skin. I have combination skin, so I use this all over the face and apply moisturiser to my dry areas.

3. Youth Restoring Cleanser

This facial wash is essential to my skincare routine because it helps with hydrating my dry spots. I’d highly recommend this cleanser if you wish to achieve more youthful skin as well! On top of that, this if your mum’s birthday is coming up soon and you haven’t gotten her a gift, this cleanser is perfect.

The cleanser retails for $69 on this website, but if you’re a Jeunesse member, you can purchase it for just $52! To become a member, click “contact Monica Lau” at the top of the website.

4. Lip Scrub

I’ve tried plenty of lip scrubs – Lush, FRESH, and more – but none compare to Jeffree Stars’. Yes, he’s known for controversy and drama in the industry, but this lip scrub is truly the most effective and wallet-friendly compared to the others I’ve tried. While it exfoliates very well, it also moisturises the lips and tastes amazing!

5. Advanced Repair Toner

Typically, I apply this toner before applying my serums or makeup, for a deep and thorough cleanse. It also makes for a quick morning cleanse when I’m in a rush!

6. Skin Serums

These serums have been my go-to serums for the past few weeks – Iren Skin’s customisable serum mix makes my skincare routine quick yet effective! To learn more about the serums, check out this review I wrote.

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7. Gel Moisturiser

Last but not least in my skincare routine is this gel moisturiser – it hydrates my skin very effectively for an affordable price. Water-based moisturiser works best for my combination skin – it’s moisturising yet lightweight, so it doesn’t grease up my face. If you’re looking for a more high-end option, I’d recommend Tarte’s Drink of H20 – it’s what I started out with when switching over to water-based moisturisers!

Those are all my skincare tips and favourite products – I hope it was of help, especially if you have the same combination skin and acne-prone problems as me.